INSTA CONTEST: Show us your cool down!

Ridiculously excited for this one.


Saucony is bringing the heat this summer with their new Run Pops collection! These shoes are designed to bring you back to those summer days cooling off with a popsicle treat. Saucony has created Long Run Lemon, Outkick Orange, Toe the Lime, Personal Best Blue, and Race Day Red so you can pick your favorite flavor!

But here’s the exciting part: we’re offering you a way to score a FREE pair of one of the Run Pops collection! How? By showing us your summer run cool down! We’re partnering with Scoop Sights, a Cambridge-based ice cream company that you can find at the SoWa Market, and getting our Insta on!


Here’s how the contest works:

  • If you don’t have an Instagram account, get one. Make sure your account is set to ‘Public,’ otherwise, we won’t be able to see your photos!
  • Follow @marathonsports, @saucony, and @scoopsights on InstagramIMG_6304
  • Post a photo of your best post-run cool down! Could be chilling out with a popsicle, could be running through sprinklers, could be using one of those spray bottle fans (do those still exist?), could be anything! Just make it fun and creative. Use the hashtag #mysummercooldown – we will track this hashtag and that will serve as your entry into the contest.
  • The contest will run from June 23-July 3. We will choose the top 5 photos and repost them from July 4-July 8. The 3 photos receiving the most likes will win a gift certificate for a pair of Saucony shoes!

IMG_6313And to make things even more fun, we’re hosting two Run Pops events! Come run with us – there will be ice cream and popsicles, and you’ll have more chances to win some fun prizes!





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