A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO FITNESS: Running & Walking Safety

A series, presented in partnership with getfit at MIT (Though this video is targeted toward runners, these principles apply to walkers and cyclists as well!) If you haven’t noticed, the days are getting shorter and shorter lately (😭). It’s an easy excuse to let your outdoor active pursuits take a backseat – but fight the… Read More A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO FITNESS: Running & Walking Safety

THE RIGHT FIT: Saxx Underwear

Just like the humble sportsbra, men’s underwear is also an often underappreciated but extremely necessary part of an active wardrobe. But who wants to talk about it? Seemingly nobody. So we’ll break it down for you real quick. SAXX Underwear is life-changing, and here’s why: BALLPARK POUCH:Β Designed for contact-free support, this 3D hammock-shaped pouch keeps… Read More THE RIGHT FIT: Saxx Underwear